January 11, 2018

I just returned from a writing workshop, Silver & Sage, in Santa Fe, NM. Co-leaders of this four day intensive learning experience were authors Carolyn Flynn and Elizabeth Cohen. A dozen people gathered, shared their writings and gave and received feedback. Content was primarily memoir writing with most people at the front end of the process. It was so, so useful for me. I learned from feedback given for my own work as well as from discussion of everyone else’s work.

I have been working on my new book in fits and starts and think I now understand what has been blocking me. But I also feel it is time for me to reconnect with Carolyn Flynn, the editor of my first book, for the structure I know she can provide. I have wandered around for many months telling myself I wrote one book, so I can do another all by myself. WRONG. Quite a fantasy. Time for feedback, guidance, and perspective.

On the other hand, my painting has been flowing and my next step with that is to create a web page just for that with a link to this website. Time to move on!!!