Judith Elizabeth Bowen

author, wisdom keeper, healer

Tapestry: A Loving Weave of Living Dying, and Spirit

Tapestry, poignant at times, at once heartbreaking and courageous, promises to deepen the understanding of what it takes for two people who love each other to remain a “we”, even as one of them is dying and the decline threatens to rock the strength and center of the other.






what wildness is this: Women Write About the Southwest

From the Gulf Coast of Texas to the Pacific Coast of California, and from the southern borderlands to the Great Plains and the Rocky Mountains, these intimate portraits of women’s lives on the land powerfully demonstrate that nature writing is no longer the exclusive domain of men, that women bring unique and transformative perspectives to the genre.




Valleysong: An Anthology Echoing the Rhythm and Cadence of Life in the Rio Grande Valley

Grackles and ghosts, hurricanes and hunting, the VTC and HEB, bandanas and the Basilica – you’ll find them all here, plus much more, as a group of local authors celebrates the uniqueness of this “land down under,” the Lower Rio Grande Valley of Texas.




Ordinary Miracles: True Stories About Overcoming Obstacles & Surviving Catastrophes

Each of these stories illustrates the way someone was helped to overcome and defy the odds and shows how people have redesigned their lives to be meaningful and fulfilling following what could have been a life-shattering event. Their stories are tributes to the ability of people to triumph over adversity and to succeed when life is at its hardest.