Judith Elizabeth Bowen

author, wisdom keeper, healer


Gripping, powerful and moving. It’s a well-told story of a professional couple’s life from student-teacher to wife and husband, and how the two of you went through your years together, including his ill health, alcohol, runaway debts, and his all-out ventures into photography and motorcycles. You describe the highs and the lows with truth and balance.

I’m no movie-making expert, but I think the story would be great as a movie. I really like the way you told your story, and I think I know how painful it was to relive those moments and to go through all the rewriting that it entailed to get to where you finally got it published. I commend you for your perseverance, dedication and hard work.

George Kagawa



I finished reading your book last night. And now I know why I couldn’t get it away from George! It is the most powerful thing I’ve read since Shantaram, and that is five years ago. Judy, I am so impressed with this book!

I applaud you for your honesty and bravery in writing this memoir about your life with your husband. You told me bits and pieces about your life, but I was overwhelmed by your more complete story. You saw it thru to the end and still loved him for who he was. That is amazing considering what it cost you.

Chris Kagawa



Just finished reading your book the other night. It was fascinating for me, having been around you at EKU and UTPA, and reading about your life at home during those very times. I was exhausted by the time I came to the end, being a very visual reader and an empathetic one as well. It must have been a difficult and yet very fulfilling experience. Brave and honest work!

M.K. Cowan



It was so apparent to me that you are also an artist. Each chapter felt like a painting. Even if I didn’t know you personally, your artist side would have shown through.

Liz Wright



I have just this minute finished your book. Thank you for inviting me (and all of your readers) into such an intimate part of your life. You told the simple and complex story of your love affair with your husband in a way that invited me into reflection of my own life, my own joys, my own struggles, my own loves. Thank you for that.


The Rev. Grayce O’Neill Rowe