Judith Elizabeth Bowen

author, wisdom keeper, healer


Judith Elizabeth Bowen’s belief in the transformative power of Truth, Compassion, and Love is supported by 42 years as a registered occupational therapist. A decade as a Healing Touch Practitioner further enriches her spiritual and analytical gifts as a healer. She has been published in professional journals, two textbooks and three anthologies. She also has extensive experience as a presenter at workshops and conferences, both locally and internationally. She resides in south central Pennsylvania, USA, where she writes, paints and lives in enjoyment of children, grandchildren, family and friends.

Judith’s Story

I was nine the first time I read myself home. The public library was a twenty minute walk from my house, across some busy streets. I was so proud to have my own library card and started reading before I left the building. Suddenly I was home with no awareness of how I got there. And so it began.

Tapestry; A Loving Weave of Living, Dying, and Spirit – A MemoirI knew when I moved to Sedona, AZ that I would write a book. But the book I had in mind never emerged. Instead, one day, I picked up a 55-page journal that I had kept during the last seven years of my husband’s life, and I suddenly knew that this was what I would write about.

Tapestry; A Loving Weave of Living, Dying, and Spirit – A Memoir emerged out of wanting to understand my own journey through a difficult and challenging part of my life. It is wrapped around a 25-year marriage, living through my husband’s years of illness, his death, and my search for balance and strength during that time. I found a new level of compassion and truth, not only for him and for myself, but for all who struggle.

In the search, I dropped out of my mind and into my heart. I was led to acknowledge fears while trusting in my heart’s inner wisdom to find strength of spirit. I learned that facing “what is” and allowing my most vulnerable feelings to flow, created an inner spaciousness and greater capacity to heal. In my work as a health care provider, as a Healing Touch Practitioner, and in my interactions with others, I saw that we all hold at least one story. When we are heard, our stories emerge.

What is your story? Where does your strength come from? Have you found a place or time for deep listening and deep sharing. What is your road to transformation?

A Heart’s Story: Connection, Compassion and Transformation.