June 17, 2017

Will be leaving on June 19 for a 13 day trip to the Canadian Maritimes with my sister. Starting to get excited! Have long wanted to see that area and am eager for the experience. It will be good to get away. I will not be working on my book during that time, except of course, in my head. My writing feels like I am creating a patchwork quilt. Some squares are finished but I am a long way from piecing them together. Carolyn Flynn, my incredible editor, guided me through Tapestry. What an amazing teacher and mentor. I am trying to use what I learned to write a rough draft of the whole thing before asking for her input again. My own personal challenge. Diana Gabaldon has said that she just writes bit and pieces and puts them all together at the end. That seems to be somewhat my path right now. I do have a plan for my story – specifics to tell, but they are coming in pieces. I am okay with that. Again, it will be helpful to get away. To allow my mind to rest and release from the intensity of the story, to allow it space to emerge and come to me. Here in southeaster PA, after an amazing emergence of lush green after a rainy spring, we are now in the midst of a dry spell and the grass has all turned brown. There have been days, like today, with showers forecast, but the clouds scud by without releasing rain. The air is saturated with humidity however, so that if I carried a spoon with me on my walks with Maggie, I could scoop the moisture out of the air.