May 31, 2017

At last, after many self-imposed distractions and procrastinations I have begun writing my second book. I have a working title and a full chapter written, knowing it is a first draft. Started on another chapter, half done, and have the rest written in my mind – rough draft. I had forgotten what work it is to actually show up. To start putting all of those glorious thoughts I have floating in my mind, onto a page in black and white, seeing, as I write, where I will need to trim and re-word and think again. But right now its about just turning on the faucet and letting it flow.

Now no more distractions. The book has captured me. It is part of my story, part of my voice, needing to be expressed. I see that I will need to go deep inside in some places, as I had to do with Tapestry. I will be led where I need to go.

For me what has become the essence of what I will eventually bring to completion is vulnerability. For me, writing is about opening my soul, unafraid of what will surface. I don’t know any other way.

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