July 4, 2017

Independence day! A day to reset. Returned a few days ago from a two week trip to the Canadian Maritimes with my sister. It was a good trip. Still processing. Canada – in many ways an extension of the US, but clearly it’s own country. Canadians were friendly, proud of their country, and open about the challenges they face, especially in the Maritimes – changing face of industry, shrinking population, reinventing themselves as they go. Coming back to the US, a country which I love, but which is in great upheaval, I remind myself this day to stay in the present – to live within each day, examine my heart each day, and to live fully in the knowledge that all I can control is how I react and choose to live. A day to reset. Time now to refocus on my book. It’s content is current and I am feeling urgency about getting it finished. I have a way to go and recommit to showing up at my laptop daily.