April 3, 2017

I feel new about this blog but trust that pattern and frequency will emerge. South central PA has received an abundance of rain. Sunny days have been few and far between and I still feel the contrast with sunny, dry Sedona. I am trying to step into this change with arms open to receive. I recently came across a writing that reinforces the idea that one cannot receive if the hands are already full. So, I have been trying to imagine my hands empty and welcoming of the rains, even thinking that they are washing through my body as well with their energy. I am feeling the rewards, as I see, almost as if overnight, daffodils, hyacinth,and blossoming trees. The grass is suddenly lush and birds of all variety are singing their reacquaintance with each other and their nesting songs. On my morning walk today with Maggie, my greyhound, we were both distracted by flocks of seagulls swirling about the farmer’s field. Why are they so far from the ocean, I wonder. Adapting to habitat change? Then Canadian geese add their calls. They are abundant in this part of PA and I realize how much I had missed their community when I lived in Sedona. Today I feel blessed. I receive.

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