April 20, 2017

Spring. A time of renewal, new growth, assurance of the promise of nature’s nourishment. The word that comes to me now is “gentle”. A time to be gentle with myself as the air and breezes are gentle on my cheek. This morning I will finish two paintings which just need a bit more work and then prepare a new canvas for a new beginning. Then on to the emerging new book. I know what I want to write about. I have already written two beginnings. Have pages of notes, outlines, interlinking thoughts and now wrestle with the process of transferring and transforming images to words, pared down to carry core themes and messages. I cook on this “stew” of information and begin to write, tasting as I go. Sampling this flavor and that as the beginning of this long process begins to unfold. The accountability to the readers of this blog will help me move forward.

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